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  Welcome to Our Appointment Book !!

The purpose of the appointment form below is to request a convenient time to schedule your automotive services.  It will enable us to begin sourcing your parts and scheduling our time, both of which should reduce the time your vehicle spends in our shop.  Please give us AT LEAST 2 business days notice.  We will contact you to confirm your appointment. 

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Use this checklist for commonly needed items:

Lube, Oil and filter change "Check Engine" or "Service Soon" light coming on
Tune-up State safety & emissions inspection
Check all filters, replace if needed Service air conditioning
Front-end alignment Service automatic transmission
4-wheel alignment Check and adjust fan belts
Balance and rotate tires Check cooling system hoses
Rotate tires Flush cooling system
Repack wheel bearings Replace shock absorbers or MacPherson Struts
Check brake linings Check starting and charging systems
Replace wiper blades Other repair
General diagnostic check-up Please wash and vacuum my vehicle
    (time permitting)
Critical Maintenance Service
30,000 miles   60,000    90,000    120,000    150,000    180,000    210,000

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If you are not contacted within 2 business days, please call